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Rehab Student Fieldwork Program

Central State Hospital is a center of excellence in the treatment of seriously mentally ill adults. Our Rehab student program is dynamic within Central State in that it fosters a diverse learning environment with all therapies represented. Our skilled Psychosocial Rehabilitative team makes a significant impact on each and every patient every day. The department consists of Recreation, Music, Occupational, Dance/Movement, and Art therapists along with supporting staff in pastoral care, beautician services, and human service care specialists. Students will become a member of the Rehab department while also collaborating with other disciplines such as Social Work, Psychology, Psychiatry, and nursing. Our qualified supervisors and other members in the department will provide all the necessary tools to help students navigate this unique setting while fulfilling the requirements set by the university and the professional accrediting body, preparing students to take certification tests. Students will facilitate groups, create special projects, attend treatment teams, complete documentation, and learn about the various major mental illnesses and evidence based treatments. The goal of our student program is to provide your students with an extraordinary learning opportunity and prepare them for real world experiences as entry-level professional therapists. It is our mission to develop and assist students in their career journey and hopefully, to the service of treating people with mental illness.

If you have any interest in completing your fieldwork hours with the Rehabilitation Department at Central State Hospital, please contact Kaitlyn Zimmerman, at Kaitlyn.Zimmerman@dbhds.virginia.gov or calling 804-524-4401.

We are currently accepting contracts with colleges and universities for RT, RTAs, OT, COTAs, and Human Services.